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Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy for You will find important information about cookies, tracking and data usage here.

What information we collect

The site owner does not collect any personal information about visitors. This page is hosted on Github pages. The privacy policy of Github can be found here. Other third-party services also collect data. Their privacy statements can be found in the according section.


This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Cookies are small text files, which are stored on your computer. You can disable all cookies in the settings of most browsers.

Third-party services

This site uses third-party services, which have their own privacy policies.

  • Comments: The comments under each blog post are powered by Disqus. Here, you can find their privacy policy.
  • Google Analytics: This site uses a minimal Google Analytics version to track site statistics. The user IP adresses are anonymized, and there’s also more information on the script. Google’s policy on cookies can be found here.
  • Embedded content: In some cases, external content is embedded on this site (such as Youtube videos). By clicking on the content, the user agrees to the privacy policies of those third-party services.

The contents on this site have different copyrights, depending on their nature. The following licenses apply, unless stated otherwise.

  • Code is licensed under GNU GPL v3.
  • Graphical content, such as pictures and videos, is copyrighted.
  • Everything else, such as blog posts, audio or documents, is licensed under CC BY-NC.