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Wald, See und Berge während Sonnenuntergang

Du hast deinen Weg auf meine Webseite gefunden! Vielen Dank für deine Anwesenheit!

Bisher gibt es nichts Neues. Falls du aber mehr über mich wissen willst, sieh dir diese Seite an. Wenn du an meinen Blogeinträgen Interesse hast, schau dich hier um.


The end of Windows 7

Windows 7 logo

Windows 7 has been a very important operating system to me. Even though I’m now a convinced linux user, it still had a big impact on me. Now, the support is nearing its end - and that’s a great opportunity.


Four stages of using Jekyll

Jekyll logo

Jekyll is an awesome static-site generator. It is also installed on GitHub Pages by default. However, you have to get into it - and this are the stages when using it.