Choosing the right language for my blog

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Choosing the right language for your blog is not always as easy as it seems. Especially if you’re fluent in more than just english, maybe the decision is not so clear.

The dilemma of non-native english speakers

If you are, like me, a non-native english speaker, you will understand the problem that many people on the internet have. Not only bloggers, but also youtubers, journalists, and a lot of other content creators will face this issue at some time. Should I use my native tongue, or rather use an international language like english? Native speakers of course don’t have to think about this. But for everyone else, it might not be as easy as you think.

Benefits of using english

You might be fast to say: Why should you not use english, if you are able to speak it fluently enough? Of course, writing blog posts (or doing anything, really) in english will have a lot of benefits. The international aspect of the language makes it available for everyone, which offers you a broader audience.

Also, many of the sources you rely on might be in english. Especially in scientific fields this is crucial, since most of the literature is written in english. So, in order to maintain consistency across all of your content, choosing this over your native tongue might bring a lot of benefits.

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The problem with the thought-flow

This is one of the major disadvantages I face when writing in english. When it comes to simple things like replying to an email, commenting on a video or other social interaction, I simply type what I think. After all, I’m a fluent speaker, so translating my thoughts into another language is normal to me.

However, with writing blog posts or articles it’s a different story. Here. the flow of my thoughts has to match with a good readibility, as well as good vocabulary. And. let’s not forget that a lack of correct grammar will also deter a lot of readers. When writing in english, I just can’t let my mind wander through my thoughts, since I always have to focus on the language I’m typing in.

More flexibility from now on

That’s why I’ve chosen to also write posts in german from now on. I know this is a big step to take, and in many cases using two languages is a big problem for many blogs. Some users expect english content, while others only read the posts written in their own language.

Don’t expect everything to be in german though - there will certainly also be content written in english.