Eine Webseite für 5 Euro im Jahr

A laptop, notebook and coffee cup on a wooden desk

Mit einer eigenen Webseite eröffnen sich viele neue Möglichkeiten. Doch wer erstmal ein bisschen herumprobieren möchte oder wie ich ein Sparfuchs ist, will nicht direkt einen teuren Webserver mieten. Hier beschreibe ich, wie ich meine Webseite für 5 € im Jahr betreibe.


Corona: langfristige Planung

Schreibender Mensch neben Laptop

Langfristige, vorausschauende Planung ist essenziell für ein erfolgreiches Leben und bringt viele weitere Vorteile. Momentan ist dies jedoch besonders schwer, da man fast keine Aussagen über die (nähere) Zukunft treffen kann.


The end of Windows 7

Windows 7 logo

Windows 7 has been a very important operating system to me. Even though I’m now a convinced linux user, it still had a big impact on me. Now, the support is nearing its end - and that’s a great opportunity.


Four stages of using Jekyll

Jekyll logo

Jekyll is an awesome static-site generator. It is also installed on GitHub Pages by default. However, you have to get into it - and this are the stages when using it.


Biofuels: disappointment or possible future?

Rape field

In our current environment, sustainability becomes more and more important. Biofuels offer a climate-friendly option in an energy-hungry society. But are they really a possible future, or do the negatives outweigh their benefits?


CO2 compensation: why and how you should do it

Plant and soil in hand

Our environment has become increasingly important in the way we act and think. With climate change as an immediate danger, we have to change the way we produce things, as can be seen in renewable energies and the like. However, this isn’t enough. In a time where emissions exceed the required maximum by far, we have to take matters in our own hands and need to start with CO2 compensation.